The Land Mark, Sanjay Heights
Gadgadia, Nalamganj, Proof Road, Balasore
Ph: 06782-262111, Mob: 9439454650
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Upcoming Visiting Doctors
19-Aug-2017, Sat, 8AM to 11AMDr. Alok Satyaprakash Nayak (Paediatric)PAEDIATRIC, SCB, CUTTACK
20-Aug-2017, Sun, 10AM to 2PMDr. Srikanta Sahoo (Neurology)Neurologist, SUM Hospital , Bhubaneswar
20-Aug-2017, Sun, 10AM to 2PMDr. Sudhanshu Sekhar Bhoi (Nephrology)NEPHROLOGY, MEDANTA HOSPITAL, DELHI
20-Aug-2017, Sun, 10AM to 2PMDr. Deepak Parhi (Cardiology)Cardiologist, SUM Hospital , Bhubaneswar
23-Aug-2017, Wed, 10AM to 2PMDr. Shasi Singh (Gynaecology)OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY, Apollo Hospital, Bhubaneswar
26-Aug-2017, Sat, 10AM to 2PMDr. Pralay Kumar Nayak (Neuro Surgery)Neurologist, Sparsh Hospital, Bhubaneswar
26-Aug-2017, Sat, 10AM to 2PMDr. Jitendra Rout (Orthopedics)Spine Surgery, Sparsh Hospital, Bhubaneswar
27-Aug-2017, Sun, 3pm to 5pmDr. Sushanta Pradhan (Cardiology)Cardiologist, Sunshine Hospital, Bhubaneswar
27-Aug-2017, Sun, 9am to 4pmDr. P. K. Pal (Diabetes)Diabetologist, International Diabetes Federation
28-Aug-2017, Mon, 10AM to 2PMDr. Babita Panda (Gynaecology)IVF, SUM Hospital , Bhubaneswar
About Us
Apollo Clinic was created to address the day-to-day healthcare requirements of a typical family. We bring expert services, medical talent, advanced technologies, superior quality diagnostics to the neighbourhood, making healthcare of International Standards accessible to every individual.
Our Services
We provide the following services:
  Consultation   Diagnostics   Health Checks
  CT Scan   Diabetes Care   Treatment Room
Facilities Available:
  Digital X-Ray   CT Scan   Ultra Sound
  T.M.T.   ECG   Clinical Pathology
  Electrolyte Analysis   Thyroid Tests   Expert Opinion by Specialists
  Comprehensive Health Checkup   EEG   PFT
  Cardiology   ENT   Gynaecology
  Medicine   Nephrology   Neurology
  Orthopedics   Neuro Surgery   Paediatric
  Urology   Surgery   Pul. Med
  Rheumatology   Oncology   Eye Specialist
  Physiotherapy   Gastrology
Doctors visiting Apollo Clinic, Balasore
  Dr. Byomakesh Dixit (Cardiology) 2ND WEDNESDAY, 10AM to 2PM
  Dr. Deepak Parhi (Cardiology) 3rd Sunday 10AM to 2PM
Cardiologist, SUM Hospital , Bhubaneswar
  Dr. Sushanta Pradhan (Cardiology) 4th Sunday 3PM to 5 PM
Cardiologist, Sunshine Hospital, Bhubaneswar
  Dr. Avilash Rout (Diabetes) 2nd & 4th Sunday, 10AM to 2PM
CMC, Vellore
  Dr. P. K. Pal (Diabetes) 3rd Sunday, 9AM to 4PM
Diabetologist, International Diabetes Federation
  Dr. Rabindra Kumar Mishra (ENT) Every Tuesday 10AM to 2PM
ENT, SCB Medical College & Hospital, Cuttack
  Dr. Kanhu Charan Das (Gastrology) 2nd Satruday 10am to 2pm
Gastroenterologist, Apollo Hospital, Bhubaneswar
  Dr. Babita Panda (Gynaecology) 2nd Sunday 10AM to 2PM
IVF, SUM Hospital , Bhubaneswar
  Dr. Shasi Singh (Gynaecology) 4th WEDNESDAY, 10AM-2PM
OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY, Apollo Hospital, Bhubaneswar
  Dr. S. Iqbaluddin Ahmed (Medicine) Every Saturday 10AM to 12Noon
  Dr. Tapas Kumar Das (Medicine) Everyday 11AM to 4PM & 5PM to 7PM
  Dr. Bibekananda Panda (Nephrology) 2nd & 4th Sunday 4pm to 6pm
Nephrologist, Apollo Hospital, Bhubaneswar
  Dr. Sudhanshu Sekhar Bhoi (Nephrology) EVERY MONTH FIRST & THIRD SUNDAY
   Neuro Surgery
  Dr. Pralay Kumar Nayak (Neuro Surgery) 4th Saturday 10AM to 2PM
Neurologist, Sparsh Hospital, Bhubaneswar
  Dr. Heramba Narayan Praharaj (Neurology) 2nd Saturday 10AM to 2PM
Neurologist, Apollo Hospital, Bhubaneswar
  Dr. Srikanta Sahoo (Neurology) 2nd Sun 10AM-2PM
Neurologist, SUM Hospital , Bhubaneswar
  Dr. Ranjit Kar (Oncology) 2nd Sunday 6AM to 8 AM
  Dr. Suleman Rehman (Ophthalmology) Everyday 10am to 8pm
Eye, DHH, Balasore
  Dr. Dr. P.K. Sahoo (Orthopedics) Monday to Wednesday
DHH, Balasore
  Dr. Jitendra Rout  (Orthopedics) 3rd Saturday 10-2 PM
Spine Surgery, Sparsh Hospital, Bhubaneswar
  Dr. Smarajit Pattnaik (Orthopedics) 4th Sunday 10AM to 2PM
Apollo Hospital, Bhubaneswar
  Dr. Alok Satyaprakash Nayak (Paediatric) EVERY SATURDAY 8AM to 11AM
  Dr. Ajit Kumar Surin (Rheumatology) 1st Friday, 10AM-2PM
Rheumatology, Apollo hospital, Bhubaneswar
  Dr. Tanmaya Panda (Surgery) 2nd Sunday 10AM to 1PM
Apollo Hospital, Bhubaneswar
  Dr. Narayan Chandra Behera (Urology) 3rd Wednesday
  Dr. Samiran Das Adhikary (Urology) 2nd Sunday, 10am to 2pm
UROLOGIST, Apollo hospital, Bhubaneswar
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